Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement


Rental Agreement 

General Terms and Conditions governing the use of AA EVENT CENTER

  1. The Facility[1] is first scheduled and utilized for AA Event Center functions. Therefore, AA Event Center always reserves the right to refuse rental and/or use.
  2. Renters[2] can lose the ability to reserve AA Event Center if: violation of noise guidelines, damage to room, and improper use of room or misrepresentation of an event occurs.
  3. Only the part of the building or equipment for which the request is made shall be used.
  4. AA Event Center's staff will provide furniture arrangement as requested.
  5. Maximum capacity for the Facility cannot be exceeded by order of the Fire Marshall.
  6. This Facility is smoke-free.  Tobacco use, including smokeless tobacco, is prohibited.
  7. Cancellation Policy: Cancellations shall result in no refund of any deposit rent paid unless the renter paid more than the required amount for deposit. Only the extra amount shall be refunded.
  8. Nothing can be permanently affixed to any painted surface in any area of any room; Duct tape or adhesive backing tape must not be used.  Any props, equipment or other items brought into the building at the request of the user or its participants must be removed by      the user upon completion of the use of the Facility.
  9. Access to the Facility: Renter will be able to access the Facility______________ hours before the time of the rental begin.
  10. Deposits: A non-refundable fee of $250.00 is needed to reserve the Facility. This fee will be deducted from the final rental fee. Deposit must be paid within 24 hours of request for facility rental to secure the requested date. If the renter pays additional rent, outside of the stated deposit, the additional rent is      what will be refunded in the event of a cancellation that is compliant with AA Event Center’s policy (see item 7).
  11. Fees: Unless other arrangements have been made, the fee for AA Event Center is: Friday/Sunday: $750.00, Saturday: $1,250.00, Mon-Thu: negotiable.
  12. Broom Policy: All Renters who use the Facility will be  charged a clean-up fee of $150.00. This fee is separate and apart from the rental charges. There is an additional $50.00 charge for the use of  confetti's. Renter can opt to clean-up but must pay the initial clean-up  deposit of $150 .00 which will be refunded after a satisfactory evaluation of the of the renter's clean-up which includes removal of trash, sweeping and mopping of the floors is made by facility staff. Renter can also opt to only remove trash which also includes sweeping the floors and pay only $50.00 towards the mopping of the floors.
  13. Damages to the facility/tables/chairs: Replacement cost for chairs is $25.00. Replacement cost for tables is $110.00. Any marks, dents or holes to the walls of the facility are calculated at the market rate to fix the damage.
  14. Indemnity: Renter will protect, indemnify and save harmless from and against all liabilities, obligations, claims, damages, penalties, causes of action, costs and expenses (including without limitation, reasonable attorneys' fees and expenses) imposed upon or incurred by or asserted against AA Event Center or it's owners by reason of (a) any accident, injury to or death of renters or loss of or damage occurring on or about the facility, any common area of the facility or outside the facility resulting from any act or omission of renter or its  employees, agents, representatives; or invitees (b) any failure on the part  of renter or its employees, agents, representatives or invitees to perform or comply with any of the terms of this Agreement. In case any action, suit or proceeding is brought against AA Event Center or it's owners by      reason of any such occurrence, renter will, at renter’s expense, using legal counsel, resist and defend such action, suit or proceeding, or cause the same to be resisted and defended. Any claim must be approved by AA Event Center or its owners.
  15. Security: Renter must have an approved security personnel at all times during an event for the safety of his/her invitees  and the facility. Failure to do so, the renter will take all the responsibilities of security breaches. Renter has the option to ask AA  Event Center to provide Security. The security fee is $40.00 per officer per hour paid directly to the officer before the commencement of the event. There should be no loitering in the parking area during and after an event.
  16. Food and Beverages: Renter is responsible for serving food and beverages to his/her invitees in a manner according to the law. No food or beverage should be consumed in the parking area.
  17. Rental Hours: All major events are allowed till If more time is needed for any event, it should be discussed prior to renting the facility. Failure to request for additional event time will result in the accessing of additional $100.00 per hour. All meetings are for a three-hour rental. If more time is needed for any meeting, it should      be discussed prior to renting the facility. Failure to request for      additional meeting time will result in accessing of additional $50.00 per      hour.
  18. Fire work or pyrotechnics: All types of fireworks and pyrotechnics are prohibited inside, outside and around the facility.
  19. I allow AA Event Center to use images from my event for promotional purposes. Yes/No.

By signing this Rental C, Renter acknowledges having read, understood, and agrees to this contract. Renter understands that this Rental Contract is binding on both parties and the organizations they represent. 

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Renter                                                                    AA Event Center Representative 

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Organization                                                          Date



Amount Charged   __________________________________

Deposit paid __________________________________

Cleaning Fee  __________________________________

Balance owed  __________________________________


[1] Facility is defined as the property located at 11601 Plano Road, Suite 120, Dallas, TX  75243.

[2] Renter is identified as the renter of the Facility. Renter can be an individual, group or organization.